Chesham Moor Gym and Swim   Click for map for Chesham Moor Gym and Swim
A small, friendly, fully equipped gym with various weights and cardiovascular equipment. Also available on site is a 25 metre heated outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts. No membership is necessary. Parking is available.
Private Studio at The Bagnall Centre   Click for map for The Bagnall Centre
We have a range of equipment available including, weights, resistance bands, BOSU balls, stability balls, medicine balls, steps, wobble boards .... the list goes on. The space is suitable for one to one sessions, paired training and even small group sessions. It is the ideal place to train with no distractions.
Exercising in Gym
Exercise Gym Ball
In the comfort of your own home
Are you worried about gym membership fees? Do you feel intimidated about training whilst having people around you? Do you have a small space available at home? If you answer yes to all of the questions, then home fitness training would be suitable for you. I have a range of equipment that I can bring to your house.
Exercising at Home   Exercise at Home
Outside in the fresh air
Why use a treadmill when you can exercise, jog and chat outside in natural surroundings? For those who dislike the gym why not try training outdoors. Park benches, pathways and the open air provide the ideal training space. I can bring small equipment with me to these sessions depending on what you want to achieve. We can go to your local park or travel to a more suitable outdoor location.
Exercising Outside
Exercise Outside