Below are a kind few words my clients have said about training with me:
"I suffered a heart-attack one year ago and joined Phase 3 of the hospital rehabilitation course. I enjoyed the experience and somewhat apprehensively joined the local Sports Centre. Hannah came to my rescue there with a well-planned programme of cardiac exercises. I have now continued exercising for some nine months and this is in no small part due to Hannah. She has brushed away my apprehension with her professional enthusiasm and cheerfulness, so I come away refreshed and feeling enthused. She has made the programme very personal by always enquiring about my general cardiac health, never pressing me beyond my capabilities, and having a real interest in my progress. I have admired the kindness, patience and skill that she also shows to others in realising that they have major difficulties in physical exercise. I am so glad to have Hannah as my professional support."
Tony - Prestwood
"Hannah is always professional, caring and knowledgeable. She takes the time to get to know her clients and their requirements. Since a serious riding accident last year she has helped me on the way to recovery both in one to one and group sessions. My autistic teenage son now comes to her for exercise classes and her patience has certainly helped him grow stronger physically but to also grow in confidence.

I can thoroughly recommend her classes to anyone as they are always fun and rewarding."
Sue - Chesham
"I chose Hannah to do my personal training as I'd been to her body pump and spinning studio classes, both of which I loved! Having a pre-existing but stable heart condition I was also interested that she had a background in cardiac rehabilitation, as it would mean she'd understand my motivation for staying fit. Hannah was great throughout. She understood my objectives and worked with me to achieve them, also working 1-to-1 on technique for the studio classes I was continuing with. She gave me confidence in my fitness levels and also worked with me to get fitter and stronger. I wasn't able (or didn't think I could!) to do a full press up before working with her- now I'm able to do several!"
Abi - Chesham Bois
"I damaged my shoulder skiing in March 2013 & after 6 months of out-patient treatment, I was ready for the final push towards restoring full mobility & strength. This is where Hannah came in. What initially impressed me was the attention to injury & the research into exactly how the exercise programme should be structured to complete the recovery process. During the training sessions she was patient & attentive, always with a view achieving recovery by increments. It worked.

Would I recommend Hannah to others? Yes, absolutely."
Gerry - Amersham